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Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung

Die HSFK analysiert die Ursachen gewaltsamer internationaler und innerer Konflikte, erforscht die Bedingungen des Friedens und arbeitet daran, den Friedensgedanken zu verbreiten. Wir sind eines der führenden Friedensforschungsinstitute in Europa und haben unseren Sitz in Frankfurt am Main.


Here, There, and Everywhere: Feminist Resistance beyond the “Women, Peace and Security” Agenda in Post-Coup Myanmar   

As a landmark in the movement to increase global attention to women’s critical role in participation, protection, prevention, relief and recovery in conflict settings, the UN Security Council’s…

Coherent Peace Policy: It’s the Content that Counts   

That inter-ministerial competition doesn’t make for more successful foreign policy is a commonplace observation. However, it isn’t enough that all parts of government pull together, they must move…

Security Sector Reform in The Gambia – The Historic Roots of Current Challenges   

After a democratic change of power in The Gambia in 2017, the country embarked on a transitional journey. The Gambian government identified Security Sector Reform (SSR) as one of the key priorities in…

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