• Peace begins with us | 50 Years PRIF

    In 2020 the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt celebrates its 50th anniversary under the motto "Peace begins with us".

  • Pandora Blog Series

    The Pandora Blog series takes a closer look at how social media discourses are linked to radicalisation processes.

    The authors refer to research results of the PANDORA project.


  • Masculinities in Peacekeeping

    Marieke Fröhlich's PRIF Report takes a closer look at United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, how it is put into practice in the South African National Defence Force and how it affects peacekeeper masculinities.

  • Lost in transition? Putins Strategy for 2024

    Mikhail Polianskii and Vera Rogova in the new PRIF Spotlight on the current political developments in Russia.

  • Imagine all the people

    PRIF Spotlight 13/2019 by Sabine Mannitz about the importance of promoting a transnational remebrance culture in Europe.

  • New PRIF Dataset on Humanitarian Military Interventions

    It is largely unknown how military interventions with a declared humanitarian intention affect the situation in the target country. A new data set provides the basis for such studies.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

PRIF sets out to analyze the causes of violent international and internal conflicts, carrying out research into the conditions necessary for peace and working to spread the concept of peace. The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), part of the Leibniz Association, is one of the leading peace research institutes in Europe and is located in Frankfurt am Main.

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