Evgeniya Bakalova, Hans-Joachim Spanger

Development Cooperation or Competition?

Russia as a re-emerging donor


More than 20 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union Russia returns to the stage of international development aid. In their study, Evgeniya Bakalova and Hans-Joachim Spanger present a detailed picture of the evolving field of Russian development policy and analyze its cooperative or competitive potential with regard to the Western-dominated international activities.  While Russia’s emerging development cooperation faces multiple dilemmas and currently finds itself at a crossroads, the country’s postulated non-ideological approach might provide fruitful ground for a productive exchange between the ‘traditional’ donor community and the ‘new’ donor.

Bibliographische Angaben

Evgeniya Bakalova/Hans-Joachim Spanger in cooperation with Jasmin Melanie Neumann, Development Cooperation or Competition? Russia as a re-emerging donor, PRIF Report No. 123, Frankfurt/M., 2013.

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