Annual Conference 2019

Agreed to… nothing? Non-binding commitments in managing peace and conflict

International affairs have become less predictable, global partnerships less reliable. Against this backdrop, non-binding international arrangements and soft law have become increasingly popular tools to forge multilateral agreement on contested issues. Prominent recent frameworks include the Global Compact for Migration, the Paris Climate Accord, and the "Iran Deal” political arrangement. But can such agreements spark sufficient confidence among their addressees, stabilize cooperation, and prevent conflict? How can non-binding agreements nonetheless commit their addressees?

PRIF’s Annual Conference (04-05 July 2019) will examine this question from a range of academic and practical perspectives. Confirmed speakers include Robert Falkner (LSE), Xymena Kurowska (CEU, Aberystwyth), Thilo Marauhn (Gießen), Tom Pegram (UCL), Dana Schmalz (New School), and Nicole Deitelhoff (PRIF).

The conference will include a public event and reception at the University of Frankfurt on Thursday evening (04 July 2019). The complete program will be made available in due course on Conference childcare will be available on demand.

To register for the conference, please send an email to annualconference @hsfk .de no later than 19 June 2019.