Policy Advice

One of PRIF’s most essential tasks – laid out in its constitution and in the guiding principle of the Leibniz Association, theoria cum praxi – involves making the findings of the institute’s basic research on the causes of conflicts and violence useful for the practice of developing peace. PRIF provides knowledge and recommendations to public and policy makers.

Some of our most important target groups within German politics include the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Defence, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the German Bundestag and the state ministries in Wiesbaden. Policy advice ranges from membership in German Foreign Office committees and drafting area expertise, to participating in hearings of the German Bundestag and holding expert presentations for leaders and executives, such as at the Federal Academy for Security Policy. As of 2016, there is a permanent presence in Berlin to facilitate these efforts (Berlin Office). Internationally, our target groups include the United Nations, the International Energy Agency and, of particular relevance for PRIF, the European Commission. 

PRIF also provides policy advice in the form of applied research projects, such as the institute’s comprehensive advisory work for the European Foreign Service and the member states within the EU Nonproliferation Consortium, and several national projects on radicalisation with a dedicated focus on knowledge transfer.

With their orientation towards the general public and contributions to political debate and education, the institute’s PRIF Reports, PRIF Spotlights and PRIF Blog are the main channels through which PRIF provides information on policy advice.

One of the publication highlights at PRIF is the annual Peace Report, which has become a central forum for discourse on peace policies in Germany. The publication has been issued in cooperation with other institutes since 1987.

The Schlangenbad Talks series, conducted annually since 1998, have become a secure and mutually recognized dialog forum for Russo-German security policies attended by high-ranking government, military, research and media representatives.