Syria – a pile of ruins / War, terror and mass flight – Where to go from here?

Panel discussion on 4th July 2016 on perspectives for peace in Syria

Five years of civil war, way more than three thousand dead people, half of a country on the run. And no end in sight. So far, all mediations of the UN have failed, the USA and Russia struggle finding a common approach, the EU is deeply divided about the refugee questions, the whole region is in disorder. Subsequent to the Peace Report 2016, scrutinizing the causes of flight and trying to find a way of solving the problem, one wonders: Are there any perspectives for peace?


Prof. Dr. Susanne Schroeter
Goethe-University Frankfurt

Omid Nouripour
Member of the German Parliament, Die Grünen

Dr. Bruno Schoch
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

Moderation: Andreas Schwarzkopf
Frankfurter Rundschau


Monday, 4th July 2016, Haus am Dom, Domplatz 3, Frankfurt
Start: 07.00pm, Entrance 06.30pm
Entrance fee: free

Presenter: PRIF in cooperation with Frankfurter Rundschau and the Haus am Dom.