Crisis-proof Society

Stefan Kroll is a deputy member of the "Crisis-proof Society" commission of inquiry

[Translate to English:] Reservoir dam with people walking on top, Photo: wallner (pixabay)

Stefan Kroll is a deputy mem­ber of the "Crisis-proof Society" commiss­ion of in­quiry of the Baden-Württem­berg state parlia­ment, which began its work on April 7, 2022. The committee is made up of members of parlia­ment and experts and is tasked with develop­ing re­commen­dations for action with the aim of making Baden-Württem­berg's community more resilient and crisis-proof for the future. In particular, it should focus on deve­loping recommen­dations for action that can have an impact in the period following the con­clusion of its activities, can be im­plemented at the state level, and focus on the circum­stances of crises.
All infor­mation on the commission of in­quiry and its members can be found on the website of the Baden-Württem­berg state parliament