Exhibition Project on Online Radicalization

Manjana Sold participates in BpB Masterclass “Präventionsfeld Islamismus” (prevention field Islamism)

Image shows a Lego man with a magnifying glass and a Lego man in crosshairs against a red background

The one-year master­class “Präven­tionsfeld Isla­mismus,” a non-university educa­tional program of the Federal Agency for Civic Edu­cation (BpB) for master’s students and young professionals in the field of prevention, ended with a presen­tation in Cologne on November 18, 2022. For PRIF, Manjana Sold suppor­ted the parti­cipants for a year in their final pro­ject on online radica­lization and deve­loped an exhi­bition with them.

In five modules, the partici­pants of the master class lear­ned about theo­ries, me­thods and practice of preven­tion work and research in the field of Isla­mism. While the media often focus on aspects of vio­lence, extre­mism preven­tion is charac­terized by a differen­tiated exami­nation of Islam­ism beyond vio­lence. The starting point for the course was the attacks in Paris, Nice, Dresden and Vienna in recent years, which have focu­sed media and socio­politi­cal atten­tion on the pheno­menon of Isla­mism in Europe. The students exa­mined diffe­rent approac­hes to identi­fying and preven­ting radicali­zation proces­ses. The exhi­bition, super­vised by Man­jana Sold, consists of 10 roll-ups. The plan is to pre­pare the roll-up exhi­bition for schools in a way that the topic of radica­liza­tion can be inte­grated into lessons.