Non-Program-Bound Research

This department assembles cross-cutting topics that do not fall within the existing research departments. These include future related research projects that are within the scope of PRIF’s objectives but fall outside of its current research program.

These projects address innovative, high-risk research areas as well as the further development of research methods. This allows PRIF to remain flexible in reacting to new demands and developing new research perspectives in terms of its fundamental and practical orientations.

Research Group on Public International Law

Head of Research group: Prof. Dr Thilo Marauhn

The newly established Research Group will address international law instruments enhancing international peace and security (including arms control law and collective security) as well as the law of armed conflict. In methodological terms, the group has an interest in the sociology of public international law and pursues empirical approaches to public international law. 


Research Group on Nuclear Arms Control

Head of Research group: Prof. Dr. Harald Müller