Key Visual "Peace begins with us", 50 years PRIF (Design: Nikolas Brückmann)

50 years Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)

In 2020 PRIF celebrates its 50th anniversary under the motto "Peace begins with us". Founded in October 1970, PRIF has become one of the leading peace research institutes in Europe over the past decades. Much has changed in these years, but the purpose of the foundation has always remained the same: We analyze the causes of international and intrastate conflicts and look for ways to solve them. In doing so, we combine basic research with the transfer of knowledge to politics, media and society.


"Of War and Peace – Peace Research Institute Frankfurt turns 50"

May 28, 2020, Radio feature by Sandra Müller on hr-iNFO (in German)

Peace begins with us | What we mean by this

Prof Nicole Deitelhoff (Photo: Uwe Dettmar)
Prof Nicole Deitelhoff (Photo: Uwe Dettmar)

January 10, 2020, by Nicole Deitelhoff

When talking about peace, we usually think about ending armed wars or conflicts, or to prevent them. We remember the catastrophe of two World Wars and the “Never Again” of the United Nations in response to the breach of civilization that was the Shoa. We also think of current military conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Southern Sudan or Syria.

While all these horrors shape how we perceive the imperative of peace, they sometimes tend to make us overlook the fact that peace has to be established not only globally, in the Far East, in the Global South, between hostile states or alliances, but also locally. Peace begins with us – in our families, with our neighbours, in our cities, in our society. Only a society that lives in peace with one another can foster peace in the outside world.

And yet, peace in our communities is always linked to peace on a global scale.



Video message by Volker Bouffier, Hessian Prime Minister

Save the Date | Events

Important Notice (Photo: Ash from modern Afflatus, Unsplash)
  • EXHIBITION CLOSED: February 12 to Juni 2, 2020: Exhibition "Making Crises Visible" at the Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main
  • CANCELLED: May 28, 2020: Ceremony for PRIF's 50th anniversary, Römer, Frankfurt am Main
  • CANCELLED: September 16-17, 2020: PRIF's Annual Conference, Berlin


Due to the corona pandemic, all events regarding PRIF's 50th anniversary are postponed to 2021. We look forward to celebrating with you personally then.