MANPADS as a Challenge for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

In HSFK-Report 12/2007, Simone Wisotzki analyzes the dangers of man-portable air defense systems

MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) have become a threat also to passenger planes, not only to military aircrafts. Airliners were attacked repeatedly by terrorists who had obtained those weapons mostly during civil wars or by illegal trades.


In HSFK-Report 12/2007 „MANPADS - Herausforderungen für die Rüstungskontrolle und Nichtverbreitung“ (MANPADS - Challenges for arms control and non-proliferation), Simone Wisotzki scrutinizes if classic arms control instruments can prevent that MANPADS get into the hands of non-state actors. In addition, she gives recommendations concerning storage and transfers of such weapons.


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