Societal changes in times of Covid19

The "Corona Monitor" helps to assess the currently fragmented political and social processes in Germany

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Lunch break in the time of corona (Photo: Daniel Mullis)

Since March 2020, the corona pandemic has accelerated politics and social processes in Germany in a way that makes them difficult to categorize and comprehend. In order to provide researchers and society with an overview of current developments, to highlight conflicts and research approaches, and to stimulate discussion, PRIF scholars Daniel Mullis and Paul Zschocke have been leading the set-up of the "Corona Monitor" project.

The initial idea, involving the AK Critical Geography, the Network of the Association for Critical Social Research (AkG) and the Institute for Protest and Movement Research (ipb), included an online pad for documentation and data collection, which was to cover all politically and socially relevant aspects of the pandemic. The result is probably the most comprehensive collection of data, information and references to further projects on very different facets of the corona crisis in Germany.

Mullis and Zschocke initiated an independent website and a Zotero database for the purpose of structuring, checking sources and archiving the collectively created database. The new website has been online since 20 April. It serves users not only as a database, but also as a hub and orientation aid for debates, petitions, statements, dossiers, blogs and other interesting sources of information and opportunities for participation on the topic of the Corona crisis.