PRIF constantly works to further enhance its international visibility, broadening the scope of its research findings and policy advice, and intensifying synergies and scholarly exchanges with the leading international peace research institutes. 

For decades, PRIF has enjoyed successful cooperation with the Peace Studies Program of Cornell University, the James Martin Center of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and European peace research institutes. Joint projects and temporary residencies for researchers are important pillars of PRIF’s cooperation with such international research facilities. 

International networking is a key element in the promotion of young researchers. In recognition of this, PRIF has come together with the Otto Suhr Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University Jerusalem to jointly establish an exchange program for doctoral students. Further, PRIF encourages the applications of young researchers around the world and issues international job postings.

To support the peace process in Colombia in the fields of research, teaching and policy advice, PRIF is participating in the establishment of a German-Colombian Peace Institute (Instituto Colombo-Alemán para la Paz - CAPAZ) in Bogotá, which is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

The project “Socioeconomic Protests and Political Transformation”, which analyses how socioeconomic contention shapes the ongoing process of political transformation in Egypt and Tunisia, is carried out in cooperation with the Arab Forum for Alternatives, Egypt, and the University of Sfax, Tunisia.

PRIF is currently a member of the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, along with other leading European think tanks. The consortium advises the European Union on issues regarding the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the control of small arms.

PRIF is also involved in the Jean Monnet Network “PACO - Interparliamentary Cooperation in the EU's External Action - Parliamentary Scrutiny and Diplomacy in the EU and Beyond”. PACO connects researchers at seven institutes in Europe who address the role of parliaments in the foreign relations of the EU, supporting research cooperation, teaching activities and professional training among them. PACO is funded by the European Commission.

Since 2013, PRIF has been a member of the “OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions”. Dr Hans-Joachim Schmidt, Senior Research Fellow in the research department "International Institutions", represents PRIF in the network. The networks aims to improve communication between the institutions and the OSCE. The institutions also develop and work on joint projects.

Since 2017, PRIF is observing member of the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission (EuroMeSCo) which promotes the study of issues pertaining to the relationship between the countries of the European Union and the Mediterranean basin. EuroMeSCo was set up in 1996 with the goal of fostering research, information and social relations among its members as well as acting as a confidence-building measure in the framework of the Barcelona process.