In accordance with its constitution, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt conducts basic research, transforms the findings into practical courses of action and provides knowledge to the general public. This abides by the guiding principle of the Leibniz Association, theoria cum praxi, referring to the expectation that all staff members contribute to disseminating research-based knowledge to the political and public spheres. PRIF’s publication strategy targets a broad array of groups both within Germany and abroad.

PRIF's publication formats:

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  • Studien der HSFK: In the form of monographs and anthologies Studien der HSFK present fundamental findings of the institute as well as contributions to the discourse of peace and security policy. 
  • HSFK-Reports: Around ten times a year the HSFK-Reports offer scientific analyses of current political issues as well as recommendations to decision-makers
  • PRIF Reports: The english counterpart to the HSFK-Reports specifically adresses an international audience
  • HSFK-Standpunkte: Since 1993 with at least six issues a year, the HSFK-Standpunkte offer thought-provoking viewpoints on the latest political debates and are targeted towards a broader audience interested in peace and security issues.
  • PRIF Working Papers: The Working Papers are published at varying intervals in German/English and allow an insight into current basic research.
  • Peace Reports: The annual Peace Report has become the common yearbook of the five leading peace research institutes in Germany since its first appearance in 1987.