The combination of fund­amental research and know­ledge transfer is also reflected in PRIF’s pub­lication strategy: peer-reviewed articles in inter­national journals, anthologies, monographs, “Studies of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt” and PRIF Working Papers address the scientific community. PRIF Reports, PRIF Spotlights, the articles on PRIF Blog and the annual Peace Report are directed towards the wider public, society and political actors. PRIF’s pub­lication series are avail­able for free down­load online.

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    PRIF’s library holds the most exten­sive literature collection in the field of peace and conflict research in the German-speaking region.
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    PRIF supports the open access of scientific research results online.
  • Studies of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
    In form of mono­graphs and anthologies, the “Studies of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt” present fun­da­men­tal research findings of the institute as well as con­tri­bu­tions to the current dis­course of peace and security policy.
  • PRIF Reports
    PRIF Reports offer back­ground analyses on political events and develop­ments and present research findings.
  • PRIF Spotlight
    PRIF Spotlights examine current political and social topics that are relevant for peace and conflict research.
  • PRIF Working Papers
    PRIF Working Papers give insights into PRIF’s current fun­da­men­tal research and stimulate the aca­demic debate.
  • Peace Report
    The annual Peace Report sets out to analyse current violent conflicts, to show trends in inter­national foreign, security and develop­ment policy and to give re­com­men­dations for politics.
  • PRIF Blog
    Since 2017 PRIF is blogging about current political and social issues and debates that are relevant for peace and conflict research.