Corona Monitor

Since March 2020, the corona pandemic has accelerated politics and social processes in Germany in a way that makes valuation difficult. The imple­mentation of an online pad to document the social transformation in times of Corona responds to this situation. The pad collects data on all politically and socially relevant aspects of the pandemic in an open process. Initially the Critical Geography Working Group, the Network of the Association for Critical Social Research (AkG) as well as of the Institute for Social Movement Studies (ipb) were invited to participate directly. The result is probably the most comprehen­sive collection of data, information and references to further projects on very different facets of the corona crisis in Germany. The collection, which will be continu­ously expanded, is intended to serve as a research infra­structure and provide the basis for accomp­anying research and future scientific analysis of the corona crisis. In order to structure, review the sources and archive the collectively created database, Daniel Mullis and Paul Zschocke have initiated an independent website and a Zotero database.

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