MA Manjana Sold

Research Associate
Research Department:
Transnational Actors


E-Mail: sold @hsfk .de


since 2017Research Associate at PRIF and PhD Candidate at Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.
2016Master of Arts
2015-2016Research Assistant European Security Program, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
2015-2016Research Assistant at PRIF within the project “Salafism in Germany”
2013-2015Student Assistant at PRIF
2012-2014Student Assistant at the Interdisciplinary Working Group Science, Technology, and Security (IANUS)
2012-2016Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt and Technical University of Darmstadt
2012Student Assistant at Heidelberg’s Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK)
2012Bachelor of Arts
2012Bachelor of Science
2009-2012Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology, University of Bonn
2008-2012        Bachelor of Science in Geography, University of Bonn


MA Manjana Sold is working on the following issues:

  • Terrorism
  • Islamist Radicalization


The response to the multi-site terrorist attacks in Paris | 2016

Anthony, Ian/Sold, Manjana (2016): The response to the multi-site terrorist attacks in Paris, in: SIPRI (ed.), SIPRI Yearbook 2016, 429-438.

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From the War on Terror to war on ISIS | 2015

Smith, Dan/Sold, Manjana (2015): From the War on Terror to war on ISIS, SIPRI blog WritePeace, 18.12.2015.

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Other professional activities

since 2010Freelancer at HIIK; involved in the publication of the Conflict Barometer 2010-2016
2014-2016  Head of HIIK’s Working Group "Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa"