The project “Debattier­künstler*innen” (Debate Artists) aims to provide young people from Frankfurt with an oppor­tunity to learn and actively experience debating and to pass on their experien­ces to other young people. To this end, the young people receive communi­cation training that teaches them how to develop their own political ideas and introduce them into discussions in a structured manner. A thematic focus lies on topics related to peace and conflict studies.

All secondary schools in Frankfurt are invited to suggest students or classes to participate in a training program with communi­cation trainers by January 31, 2023. In total, about five schools can participate. Each group of students will receive debate training in the form of a one-day work­shop in which, in addition to rhetorical skills, rules for pro­ductive discussions will be practiced.

The debate artists will later conso­lidate the skills they have learned in a debate on peace policy issues, which will be held at the schools or at the StreitBus. For these events, researchers from PRIF are available to provide knowledge on the selected topics and as dialogue partners. The topics are chosen in consultation with the partici­pating schools.

The project is carried out within the frame­work of the network Netzwerk Paulskirche - Demokratie im Kommen, which takes the 175th anniversary of the Pauls­kirche Assembly as an occasion to rethink “democracy as a way of life”. It is initially limited in time to the imple­mentation in 2023, but is to be connected in perspective in the planned House of Democracy and to be further developed.

Further infor­mation will follow.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at: schule-prif @prif .org


Laura Friedrich
Knowledge Transfer Officer

Stefan Kroll
Head of Science Communication

E-Mail: schule-prif @hsfk .de